Desert rose crystal is a beautiful variety of selenite gypsum. The crystal is birthed into formation through a process involving water, sand and wind, occurring in desert regions and evaporative arid salt basins. Through exposure and moisture condensation an elegant crystal rosette is formed with sand inclusions and lovely radiating crystalline petals.

The stone has been associated with mental clarity, insight, consciousness evolution and the mind, and has been linked to positive protective qualities, has been used for meditative awareness and guidance in rituals, hence it sometimes called Shaman’s Stone, inspiring the name for this necklace.

A genuine Desert Rose crystal has been silver wire encaged and strung from a delicate silver necklace chain. A beautifully unique specimen with a slight rosy hue for adornment and as a meditative reminder.

Shaman's Stone. Desert Rose Crystal Necklace

Shaman’s Stone. Desert Rose Crystal Necklace

Similar to the mica mineral, desert roses require delicate handling as they are a very fragile composition. I had a cherished rosette in my collection for several years, passed down to me from my great grandmother who started me as a child in my gem and fossil collections. The crystal rosette was crushed during a move and I salvaged the Desert Rose crystal fragments and placed some of them into this tiny glass bottle where they live on a new life.

Salvaged Desert Rose Fragments

Salvaged Desert Rose Fragments