The Aura bracelets may utilize a similar component theme in fairly similar fashion as the Sundust Linx bracelets, however instead of chain links to connect the components, Aura bracelets connect the gems together by thin threads. This produces a layering effect as well in a single bracelet, but without the element of the links.

Love Chakra

Sundust Love Aura bracelet with Rose Quartz

The above bracelet is composed of genuine rose quartz chips, natural freshwater pearls in delicate creamy blush, pearly ivory Mother of Pearl natural shell beads, and sparkling crystals. The bracelet was fashioned by weaving the mixture of elements together for a subtle romantic theme with luster and sparkle. It has been suggested that the healing gemstone Rose Quartz emanates Universal Love.

These bracelets may be composed in a single solid color, mingling of monochromatic hues, or with additional colors and elements such as gemstones, crystals, pearls and shell, for example and in various shapes that mingle well together for the design.

Below is Sundust Rays with genuine Sunstone petals, pieces, and glass crystals dispersed throughout.

Sundust Rays Aura bracelet with Natural Sunstone

Sundust Rays Aura bracelet with Natural Sunstone