When I first conceived of Sundust as an extension of my creative work I felt it embodied my ideas about everything: about worldly relations and attachments, recycling of elements, the creative process, fertility, death and rebirth, life in general. While I still adhere to the original Sundust general philosophy in matters of transcendence, my interests, ideals, ambitions and overall tastes have expanded and refined through experience and exposure. And I think it is fitting this post comes on both the New Moon and Spring Equinox.

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My current personal etsy mini bio for the Sundust etsy shop (edited down to two paragraphs):

“An overwhelming creative urge has prompted me to be experimental in the many facets of my life and I have realized there are creative and destructive ways to use my energy. Ecologically conscious, I utilize and repurpose as much found, recycled, vintage, and reclaimed or salvaged materials and natural findings as possible, seeking out organic, ethical and fair trade, upcycling and incorporating cultural components rendering uniquely inspired end products. A passion for earthy, unusual, and for the ephemeral.

I realize there exists an incredible chaos in life and that life is so precious and so fleeting. I feel as though Sundust reflects my attitude toward this, one of not clinging, of transience, appreciation of the moment. I am content to know that we are all made of the same star stuff and that we are eventually recycled back into the universe that birthed us. Love. Evolve.”


And I will proceed to provide a brief tangent on a snippet of my reflections on the two words in simple elemental breakdown. Although sun and dust appear to obviously be on diametrically opposed ends of a massive scale, it is possible to view them as one and the same:

The sun is a macro transformative power on a huge scale. It illuminates us as human beings, it enables sight, reveals beauty, and as an ultimate creative force in the physical realm has given life to civilization and art itself. It has brought scientific methodology to light. There exists an unimaginable number of stars in our universe and our sun will indefinitely be there for us tomorrow, but  we are told it will eventually return to the dust it was once before. Carl Sagan famously said “We are made of starstuff.” and “We are starstuff harvesting star light.”

Dust is more than tiny stuff that collects in attics, basements and closet corners. Broad spectrum, dust is the beginning and end of nearly everything tangible. We are as transient as dust in a sense, we are conscious beings made of a combination of the elements including sun and dust, existing in our very own place in this expansive universe where things come from and return to. We are all familiar with the context of and phrase “Dust to Dust” and many of us relate with the depth of the lyrics in Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind.”


Over the past several years I have discovered a passion in the field of science and zealously pursued scientific studies. Occasionally it has been a challenge to maintain an aspect of spirituality or other worldliness, but it takes some practice. Outside of customer requests and order fulfillment, the development and design of a few new pieces and some minor marketing, artistic exploration for Sundust has taken the backseat. The shop has been on autopilot, older designs have been recycled, and several items have retired. Occasionally production would cease and the shop would temporarily close so that I could maintain quality focus on my studies for certain periods and attend other aspects of life. While Sundust offers me an outlet for random artistic explorations in the world of gemstones, fibers, mixed media and other jewelry components, I feel as though a change is imminent in the direction of my creative expression, of the concept itself and the invested energies.


I have learned a lot of invaluable things through the experience of running an online shop, interacting with local businesses for consignment, custom design processes and customer interaction. I am so thankful for everyone who has supported my work and I hope my pieces and ideas have inspired many. I want to express the deepest gratitude to everyone whose path has crossed with mine. I will not say where the next path on my creative endeavor will lead, but I feel strongly that Sundust is promptly on the verge of fulfilling its very own prophesy of dissolution, which can only clear the way for new experiences and new adventures.

In the midst of all the mercurial, metaphysical and philosophical idiosyncrasies, I affirm that I think science is just about the best thing we have. But science doesn’t explain everything. Science cannot tell us with certainty where consciousness comes from, whether something like a soul truly exists, what a broken heart is composed of, an ayahuasca shaman’s insights, what actually lies in the Dream World, what the Native Americans call Great Mystery. It can speculate on those matters and perhaps explain relationships between neuroscience and human brain chemistry. There is still so much left to mystery, we as human beings in our apex positions with exponentially advancing technology may never know.

Life is so fleeting. I cannot help but to find beauty in life, every day. Yes a mind is beautiful, a heart is beautiful, and I also appreciate the aesthetic process. Among the hardships and pain and shale of menial existence in a transitioning world of crumbling shoddy belief systems, I believe a new consciousness is emerging with a sense of unity, a new awakening, the paradigm is and has been shifting. I only have so much energy and I have what unknown amount of time is left of this life to actualize to its fullest potential and I want to spend that energy on things that matter to me in a meaningful environment with purpose driven beings toward a benevolent venture.


I hope that my philosophy and work with Sundust has inspired others on a personal level, has shared the beauty of its offerings and formed a connection with them. If you have followed me over the years you may have seen some of my shared quotes from songs, poetry, and ancient ideas, as applied to a specific theme for inspiration. A selection of my favorite quotations and reflections for Sundust:

“Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are.” ~Anaïs Nin

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” ~Georgia O’Keeffe

From The Twilight Zone episode titled “The Last Flight”: [Closing Narration] “Dialog from a play, Hamlet to Horatio: There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Dialog from a play written long before men took to the sky: There are more things in heaven and earth and in the sky than perhaps can be dreamt of.”

Last portion of Carl Sandburg’s Last Answers:

The whole world was mist once long ago and some day it will all go back to mist,
Our skulls and lungs are more water than bone and tissue
And all poets love dust and mist because all the last answers
Go running back to dust and mist.

“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.” ~Frida Kahlo

“The human body is vapour materialized by sunshine mixed with the life of the stars.”  ~Paracelsus

“I am Dust Particles in Sunlight.” ~Rumi